Product demonstration IMAG with BTL Aesthetics

QSC K10 Centre fill speaker.

We had the pleasure of working with BTL Aesthetics to help transform the Glencoe Clubs events space into a live demonstration room where aesthetic practitioners could gather to see some of the latest facial and body treatment equipment. Audience members participated in live equipment demonstrations and gained insight on how to manage customer acquisition with experienced Dr Sam Patel.


  • The equipment would be demonstrated on stage and had detailed touch screens which could be difficult for event attendees to see. There were volunteers to which the equipment would applied. The effects of the equipment on the volunteers during the procedure needed to be clearly shown to the audience.


  • We provided two large cradle and post screens to ensure that the audience would be able to witness the demonstration clearly.
  • We projected onto the 10′ screens from PTZ camera’s mounted closely to the stage. This enabled us to finely pan tilt and zoom with our PTZ controller to manipulate the angle of view.


During the presentation I overheard our clients delight in the resulting live video feeds. When I arrived home I said to my wife. “We nailed it” and I went to sleep that night with a sense of satisfaction in the quality of the event we were able to help produce.

Hopefully Vancouver’s team met BTL’s expectations for their event the following day.

Thank you BTL Aesthetics for trusting us with such an important event.

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