Sound Production

Amplify your message


Outdoor EventOur experienced and accommodating staff will help your message be heard by utilizing digital audio technologies to provide your audience with crisp, clean audio production.

Presonus Mixer RentalsOur Approach

Your voice has to be clear and the mix needs to have body. We mix like we mean it, because we do.  For us it is about the details.  It’s the little things like turning on background music at just the right moment or boosting the microphone volume for your shy presenter.  We work hard to keep your band happy with their monitor mixes and will make sure that the emotions they are conveying through their music are reaching your audience effectively.

QSC Speaker RentalsOur Toolkit

We utilize digital mixing consoles with industry standard pro audio microphones to produce professional sound through our beautiful QSC and Turbosound point source speaker systems.

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