Front of house mixing styles and recorded music production

While mixing in the presence of my business partner Amos Bradley at a recent event in Calgary I noticed some discrepancy in our taste of kick frequencies. This got me thinking about the production taste of the engineer in the mixing process.

Amos prefers to have a lot of low end presence in his mix and to keep the highs under control by smoothing out frequencies above 5kHz.
I tend to enjoy a punchier low end with crispy attack in the mid-high frequencies.

This taste seems to be carried over from the music production that we enjoy. Amos listens to a lot more dub and reggae than I do which tends to be a little more rich in the lows. I am used to listening to rock music which has a lot of attack in the mid highs and consists of a punchier kick and snare.
The production from one mix to the next is so consistent that ones ears start to gain a taste for a certain style of production. I could argue that my cd collection consists mostly of the same style of production. It is not only the talent of the musicians but the way it is presented.

Now when people require a mixing engineer for their Calgary sound related events I can affix an mixer that will suit the style of their music more efficiently.

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