Wreck City: an epilogue for 809.

This Friday marked the opening night for Wreck City: an epilogue for 809. Nine buildings in a Kensington block are scheduled for demolition, and a few community art activists are utilizing the space this week, scheduled up until April 27th, by turning each house into an art exhibit – with creative liberty over what happens with the pre-demolition houses.

Opening night went wonderfully, as representing the dutiful coordination of all of the organizers, curators, artists and alike.

We had the chance to speak to Caitlind Brown and Kenna Burima – both women of multiple hats for the event.

Here’s some of the equipment that we helped loan out. Brandon Dalmer had set up the projectors for a backyard exhibit. They had been set with a program to hit five separate screens, but the pictures don’t do the exhibits or the event justice.

Coincidentally, Brandon is also Kris Benoit’s (owner of Calgary Sound Rentals) cousin!

Here are some of our photos of the awesome and awe-inspiring event.

Having experience as a plumber for two years, I found their bathroom art projects particularly awesome.

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