Virtual Event Experiences

Events communities have been left stranded from the recent government shutdown of larger gatherings. Businesses and organizations have had to shift their live event strategies and are now looking to virtual solutions to present their ideas.

We can assist your office in configuring a remote streaming room for teleconferencing so that you can still communicate with your customers and employees and can help your business reach your audience through online webinar and live streaming services like GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, YouTube and Livestream.

You may have an in house presenter with an audience in the same room while the presentation needs to be viewed remotely by additional attendees. In this case we can offer audio and projection for the audience in house while integrating and including content from the remote audience. We can arrange remote audience members to be projected, with audio, live to the in house audience while their screen is being shared to all Webinar attendees. The online participants could submit questions by typing or even with their own microphone to address the in house participants.

Please let us know how we can help get your message through to your wider audience.

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