Opera at Chicago Chophouse

We worked with Row A Events over the weekend in support of the Ability’s Society of Alberta‘s event – Opera at the Chicago Chophouse.

(From left to right – opera singers Tatiana Ilina, Paul J. Kelly, Don Goerzen and Kathleen Morrison.)

The venue’s natural alcove acting acted as a perfect platform for the performers – setting quite the operatic environment.

Though the lights were at least 30 ft. away (with the stage wash lights sitting about 75 ft. away), we were still able to illuminate the performers. We were careful to light the stage from the same angle as the audience’s perspective, so as to not cast unwanted shadows visible from their view.

Giving our new Rode condenser microphones a whirl, we were able to smoothly amplify the string section (two violinists and a cellist). Working with this particular setting – a very active and live room – it was difficult to get the very sensitive microphone to not pick up general audience chatter.

As it was a different setting, the challenges were not picking up the audience’s conversations, and yet still amplifying these concert hall instruments. To effectively separate the sounds, we isolated the richness of the string section by boosting the mid range frequencies.

The majority of the people that the Ability’s Society of Alberta are living with autism, and the organization supports them and their families into leading high-quality, functional lives.

We were very proud to assist in the success of this night’s fundraiser.

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