Move for Hope at City Hall

On Saturday morning, April 13, Calgary Sound Rentals had the honour of working with the Canadian Women’s Foundation and GoodLife Fitness for Move for Hope.

Congratulations to the nearly 200 Calgarians who joined together for aerobics and cardio, and helped fundraise the $400,000 that was raised across Canada!

The event was really well organized and coordinated, with an itinerary that helped provide us with event expectations. The volunteers were exceptional and provided lots of positive energy – especially combined with the healthy and active nature of the event.

The host – Billie Jo Ross of the Mookie & Billie Jo morning show on Lite 95.9 – was confident with the microphone, so we didn’t have to increase the gain on the mixer, which provided extremely clean audio signal.

Because of City Hall’s concrete pillars and open space, the lower frequencies (around the 100 Hz range) were scooped to reduce the natural “boomy” room acoustics and bring out the clarity in the mix. The sound seemed to be well received and carried well to the participants.

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with City Hall – and using their space alongside non-profit events – as well as with the organizers and organizations involved.

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