Kensington Road at The Pig and Whistle Pub

It’s not everyday that I get to go up to North Calgary to mix a rock cover band but this past weekend I got to do just that.
I am not sure what it is about the North. There is a certain edge to it. The men seem a little rougher, the women a little less clothed and yet it has a certain charm.
People are down to earth and wear their hearts on their sleeves. In fact, the crowd was amazing and the first song the band played had people on the dance floor. It was an amazing atmosphere and all around great night.

The food at the pig and whistle was insane. Massive portions.
I had to wrap up half of my meal for later and found I was not hungry for it for the rest of the night.

The band I was mixing, Kensington Road, played a set ranging from classic rock to 90’s alternative with a few surprises mixed in.
The lead vocalist had a great range and the general guitar and bass tones were spot on.
I am looking forward to when the band can expand their set list to include a greater variety of content and genres.
Here is a quick video from the start of their second set on the first night.

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