Frog Fest 2012

This year’s third annual Frog Fest went off without a hitch. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of everyone involved; Calgary Sound Rentals, our awesome production team, our sound man and stage manager Pat Palardy, the patrons who trek out year after year no matter what kind of weather, and of course most of all our amazing host Randy.
Two full days of great music from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Saskatoon
Good times with old friends reuniting and meeting of new ones.The weather was amazing, and the only time we had a problem was an adrenaline inducing short hail during Lasercake’s set where we had to shut down for a few minutes, and some minor power issues from too much rock and roll during another set.
The most all around successful Frog Fest to date, has us looking forwards to the next one. See you in 2013!

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