Clear Water Academy – Go Fish! 16th annual spring gala

Working with One Nite Band and the Clear Water Academy for their 16th annual Go Fish! gala, we were very excited to bring both visual and audio elements to the event.

We ran four Mac 250 moving heads on a lighting truss, adding a water ripple effect for visual ambience to suit the theme of the evening. This was complimented by two illuminating lighting trees, adding eight PAR 64 lights which were hooked up by the band leader to American DJ’s " mydmx " and a tablet. This added digital technology made lighting scenes easier to configure and incorporate.

A novel element to the show was a silent auction which offered the winner to join the band in singing a tune. The winner was understandably shy, so the band went ahead and performed the song.

All in all, the show was well received! We enjoyed helping to create a dynamic live show and embracing challenges that new technology presents.