Magic of the Moment – Jessica Tkachuk

Kris speaks with Jessica Tkachuk, Events and Communications Specialist at Boom Goes the Drum.¬†Jessica cares deeply about getting people back to interacting face to face in a world where tech and social media are driving us further away from those sorts of experiences. She thrives on the experiences when people are truly caught up in the magic of a moment and she has the expertise to deliver them. Kris asks Jessica to delve into the process that goes into planning the magic and how to stay organized in doing so. Boom is different from other Event Planning organizations because they focus on the “story.” Jessica also explores how to use various customer engagement tools to continually interact with your brand’s audience and she dives into a case study with a Holt Renfrew Fashion Show. Lastly, Jessica addresses the challenges of navigating budgeting by evaluating value versus cost in order to achieve the best experience possible for a client.

Listen to episode 26 here