Episode 25 – Trevor Nagam of Wicked Gigz – Calgary sound rentals – Behind the Scene Podcast:

I felt like I was in “from dusk till dawn”.

The serving staff were in fetish wear and the bar felt like it was forty degrees Celsius as we set up for Ikons, a Kiss tribute band.

The band had a full on 1970’s Kiss performance complete with a massive flashing KISS sign, lit up stairways, Marshall stack graphics, platform shoes and complete KISS makeup and costumes.
The engineer pulled off a wicked mix and people got right into it. People sang along with the songs, got up on stage with the band and all in all enjoyed great gig.

Everything went smoothly and I wasn’t mauled by vampires. Two points Calgary sound rentals.

Check out this interview with the shows promoter Trevor Nagam of Wickedgigz on Calgary sound rentals Behind The Scene Podcast Episode-25

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