Episode 20 – Market Collective Live – Calgary sound rentals – Behind the Scene Podcast

Episode-20 Market Collective Live

This weeks podcast comes straight from the market collective. We speak with Omar and the bear, the Doer and the Doddler and Morley Tutle. Here some live recordings and learn how to use your amp as your monitor when you have to have a really low stage volume.

Welcome to episode 20 of Calgary sound rentals behind the scene podcast, an inside look at Calgary’s music scene featuring interviews and tracks by local bands, sound tips, upcoming event listings and more.

(What is on the podcast?)
Today on the podcast, we bring you interviews and audio bytes from a day at the Market Collective. Today’s quick tip is a lesson learned from Omar and the bear on using your amp as your monitor on stage when you have to play at a lower volume due to the constraints of the venue.

(this weeks sound advice)
You will hear later in the Omar and the bear interview about the specific problem we encountered but basically the lead guitar players amp had to be turned down quite low for the market, consequently I couldn’t get enough signal into the board from the 57 I had on the amp to route back into the guitar players monitor. The tip.. use your amp as your monitor by placing it higher up and directed more towards you. Then it can be miked in that position for the mains.

Well kids, that’s it. If you want some more information on the market collective check out triple dub.marketcollective.ca
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