Episode 17 – On Promoting, with Jonathan Harris – Calgary sound rentals – Behind the Scene Podcast

Episode-17 Jonathan Harris

Welcome to episode 17 of Calgary sound rentals behind the scene podcast, an inside look at Calgary’s music scene featuring interviews and tracks by local bands, sound tips, upcoming event listings and more.

Today on the podcast, a quick tip on stage level, and 2 interviews from back to back events with Calgary promotor and band merchandise producer Jonathan Harris.

(this weeks sound advice)
I have a feeling this is going to be a reoccurring topic on this podcast, but I would like to speak a bit about stage volume.

Time and time again at shows the guitars are simply too loud.  They mask the vocals at the front of house and make it difficult for everyone on stage to hear their monitors.  Todays quick tip… turn your stage volume down and let the front of house system do more of the work.  This will offer the cleanest stage sound, will spread your sound in a broader stereo spectrum, and will give your engineer more to work with to make your band sound the way you should.  If the house system is a piece.. then perhaps turn the guitars back up a bit and use what power you have in the mains for parts that are crucial and require more sound reinforcement like vocals.

Now let’s enter
(the green room)
Interview (not transcribed.. sorry)

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Next week we will be speaking with James Shettler about his learning experience at Sait, and on his recent work as a boom operator on the set of the missing link.