Episode 13 – Giving Back – Calgary sound rentals – Behind the Scene Podcast

Episode-13 Giving Back

This weeks episode, a tip on how to maintain the balance of your mix by compressing the bass track. I share some of our new years resolutions and we provide some ideas on what to do this New Years Eve with our event listings.

Here is a transcript of the podcast.

Today we have a quick tip for the do-it yourselfer on why you may want to compress bass when mixing your tracks.

I will share some of Calgary sound rentals new years resolutions, and we will take a look at some of the events going on around town for those of you who have no new years plans.

Now It’s time for (this weeks sound advice)
This week tip is for the do it yourself mixing engineer.

Sometimes while mixing your finished tracks you may find the balance of your mix is sounding thin in parts. This could be do to a bass signal that is sporadically present.

I like to think of a mix as a triangle, the foundation being the rhythm, the middle the texture and extra support and the top being your focal point. (usually vocals, but this could also be a guitar or other melodic instrument.)

If you are happy with the balance of your mix, one way to maintain a strong triangle is to compress your bass track.
When a player plays bass, especially with a pick, the recorded signal will have a quick attack and not very much sustain or release. To maintain more consistent bass presence you could use a compressor. A compressor will smooth out the instruments attack by temporarily lowering its volume at a ratio that you set, this will decrease the dynamics of your audio signal. What This allows you to do is bring up the total level of the bass track thereby increasing the release and sustain (remembering that your track is now less dynamic).

Doing this allows the bass to maintain presence for longer so you can have a more consistent mix without toppling your metaphorical triangle on it’s head.

And now the disclaimer… compressing the attack of your bass too much can leave your take sounding lifeless because you are decreasing it’s dynamics. Also any time you put any kind of effect on an instrument, especially in the digital realm, you are likely degrading your signals quality.

Now let’s enter
(the green room)
This weeks greenroom I wanted to share some of Calgary sound rentals new years resolutions.

The holidays have really got Amos and I thinking about how we can use our resources as a vehicle to do more good.

Currently on our web page we have a little button saying we give 10% off for non-profits and charities but really over this past year Amos and I have found ourselves donating our time, and some equipment to many different non-profits in exchange for our banner to be hung or for a percentage of an equipment rental.

We have been delivering, setting up and running shows for certain causes and I want to encourage more of this.

I guess what I am saying is that if you are involved in a charitable organization please contact us and we will see how we can help. We want to give more back to our communities and, I’ll be honest, get our name out there. We are particularly keen on events that benefit sustainable food systems and the environment.

So, our first resolution is give even more back to our communities this year.

Secondly we want to become more involved in mixed arts so you can expect to see us becoming involved in a few other projects around the city such as the market collective.

We are out to support local business’ and will be providing sound for the Calgary health and fitness expo in January, houselifes fashion workshop in February and a shwack of all-ages events in the upcoming months.

Now for those of you that don’t know what you want to do for nye lets check out some event listings for Friday night.
You can check out a NYE with dojo workhorse, reuben bullock and dangerfloyd!

DJ GSD and DJ Cal Bass with Sideshow Sid & DJ ChogunShip & Anchor Pub

Modern Math x Light & Soul with Typist, Donna Dada, Thief, Crimson, Kid Shuffle, MRDR, Dan Solo & Mr. GeographyMarquee Room

The Polyjesters
Ironwood Stage & Grill

Deadhorse with GhostkeeperBroken City

Tom Phillips & the Men of Constant SorrowKing Henry VIII Pub

Calgary sound rentals is an audio visual company helping to grow small businesses and actively supporting non-profit communities and local bands. If you have an upcoming event you would like to promote, or are doing something interesting and would like to be featured on the podcast or simply for more information please visit calgarysoundrentals.com find us on twitter at Twitter.com/@soundrentals or friend us on facebook. Peace.