Digital Lifestyles Party – featuring Phil X

We had the utmost pleasure in working with Digital Lifestyles and the Rainbow Society of Alberta for this year’s Rockin’ the Rainbow fundraiser.

Pairing up with KLM Backline and Urban Audio, we had set up and mixed roughly 25 speakers and more than 30 lights across the stage and suspended light truss – co-operatively sharing equipment and (at times) working on-the-fly to ensure that the show progressed smoothly.

We mixed about 18 channels of the board’s 24 channel capability. In order to direct sound to ensure that the event’s videographers had post-production content/channels to work with, we’d labelled and organized each instrument to their channel from the split snake.

Once everything is labelled and put to the board, there’s no real issue with managing that many channels.

Between silent and live auctions, a pinball tournament, raffles and surprise prizes were bands Some Girls (a Rolling Stones tribute band) then Phil X and the Drills, featuring Phil X – who has performed with Bon Jovi and Tommy Lee.

Urban Audio contributed to the lighting production off of the stage and truss. They’d run gradient themes, moving heads and isolated lights from the mixing board.

Podcast 56: Digital Lifestyles Party includes interviews with Debbie Van Camp, Regional Manager for Southern Division of the Rainbow Society of Alberta – about the Rainbow Society and its community contributions; with Ryan Meyer, a DJ of RPM Studios Ltd. – about genre bending to fine-tune your beats to your audience; and Mike Dummer, President of Digital Lifestyles – to understand the merits of community growth by giving back.

Debbie Van Camp – discussing the Rainbow Society and its achievements alongside the evolution of the fundraiser.
Ryan Meyer, spinning the structure of feeling for his fourth consecutive year with Rockin’ the Rainbow.
Mike Dummer, a personal fan and friend of Phil X, watching the talented guitarist shred.