Royal Canadian Legion #1


Our longstanding partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 1 in Calgary has given us the opportunity to take part in such a large number of events, from weddings and fundraisers to FemmeWave or AGM meetings. Essentially, we provide in-house AV support for whatever their needs may be.

The Event

For any given event, our techs will arrive and meet with organizers before setting up the audio gear present. We supplement with our own projectors and lighting for some functions, but for the most part, have an understanding of the Legion’s gear as if it’s our own.

Because of the variety of events rotating through the building, we remain on our toes for whatever comes at us, but the Legion is tuned for ease and simplicity. Repeatedly mixing sound in the same space means their system is particularly fine tuned.


Whether it’s punk bands at FemmeWave, classical piano for Bison Noir, or bumping EDM beats at CJSW’s Halloween parties, our gear and our techs are well-adjusted for the smoothest of shows.