Imaginea AI at The Edison

Imaginea AI hosted a funding gala last week to promote the futurisms of artificial intelligence and technologies, encouraging attendees to purchase tokens to invest in Imaginea AI. We were happy to provide the audiovisual to complement their event, and help them present with ease.

The CEO of Imaginea AI, Nav Dhuany, kept the audience captivated during his rousing speeches. He discussed the capacity and potential of artificial intelligence across industries – and even across space travel. Imaginea AI made use of a video wall we provided to broadcast their short film, a powerpoint, and a loop of a background video.

We used a video-switcher built into a computer to ensure that their presentation could be seen in an already brightly lit room, and worked with the organizers so they could format the text of the video to fit centre to the video screens. Each of the nine televisions on truss were connected to a video wall splitter (referred to as a brain), which was able to send 1/9th of a video feed to each television to create the whole picture.

As there were many professional delegates, attendees, and funders, the setup within the room had to be kept clean and professional with minimal tripping hazards.

We set up wireless microphones with six satellite speakers throughout the venue. We had to keep the cable to a minimum, so we implemented the wireless ALTO systems. This allowed us to send signal feeds to speakers across the room without impeding on the attendees, while mitigating the trip hazards from cables. 

We patched in the DJ, Joanna Magik, who spun some groovy tunes all night, matching the BPM across a mix of songs and genres. We received two XLR feeds from her across the room, under carpets and ran over doors, while still keeping the cable out of the way.

A band played live between the DJ’s sets. As the band provided their own mixer, we plugged theirs into ours to pump their sound throughout the venue and keep feedback to a minimum, so they could focus on their music.

This event was particularly photographable, so we brought up-lighting to match with Imaginea AI’s branding colours. We focused the uplights on their banners and provided a front wash for photography, but the photographer did not require that lighting as he provided his own flash and photography umbrella.

Overall, working with the professionals from Imaginea AI was enriching, and we were honoured to provide the audiovisual for them share in the discussion of the benefits of artificial intelligence technologies.