Beth Tzedec Congregation


As the biggest centre of Jewish faith in Calgary, the Beth Tzedec Congregation has a number of events each year. From the Jewish Film Festival – where we get to turn their synagogue into a theatre – to the B’nai Brith Dinner, which this year was to honour former Saskatechewan premier, Brad Wall. One of their biggest events is the Negev Gala, a fundraiser we help put on every year in support for the Jewish National Fund to help raise money for different causes in Israel.

The Event

This year’s Negev Dinner was a full one. We had two full light racks from the ceiling aimed at the stage with two large screens flanking either side. Our camera from the back of the room was sending a live feed to our two projectors so all 500 or so guests could see from anywhere. LED uplights lined the room as well, and a couple of moving lights on truss downstage offered some flair. 

Besides speeches at the podium there was a performance from Broadway singer Omer Shaish who lifted the crowd with a passionate performance and dancing between the audience tables. Our wide, expansive audio setup – four 1000 watt speakers up front and four at the back of the room – ensured there was substantial coverage throughout the ballroom.


Bigger events offer something for all our techs to chew on. We had three techs and a camera man running that night, and we all had a blast. This is always the case with events at Beth Tzedec because we get the room to follow through on a complete vision: audio, visual and lights. It’s the whole package and we’re lucky and honoured to offer that to such culturally rich places as this congregation.