Top 5 Reasons to Tech

Krisoffer Benoit

I love my job.  I built a business in a field that I care about.  What more could I ask for.

Here are my top 5 reasons for being an event technician.

1. Variety

Working as a sound and lighting technician brings a plethora of unique experiences to us every week.  One day we could be mixing a dholak for a touring East Indian group and the following we are in a nightclub working with lighting or interactive video.  We get to experience many different cultures, their food and their art.  We are part of their communities if not but for a day.

2. Going Against the Grain

Technicians are often rich with time during the weekdays and busy on the weekends which leaves an opportunity to take care of our families and daily needs like groceries off of peak hours.   We constantly experience traffic heading in the other direction.

3. Constant Learning

The technologies we utilize are rapidly changing which forces event technicians like us to constantly be updating our skills.

4. Living Healthy

What could be better than lifting speakers, running cable and turning a wrench for your physical body.  The excursion on a technicians body is light but frequent which tends to nurture a lean body over time.

5. Feeling Purposeful

Our clients have dreamed of their event for months before it happens, sometimes years.  We get to be a part of the final day that they had in their mind.  We make it happen and get to see how their audience responds.  This is a responsibility that gives me my working purpose.  Seeing the event come to fruition is extremely satisfying.