Projector and Projector Screen Rentals, What do I Need?

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What is your video source?

There are three different applications for projectors; data, video and photos.

Data will consist mainly of static spreadsheets and word documents and are the least worrisome source to project as they do not require much detail etc. If you are projecting photos or video, you will want a projector that can handle a higher contrast ratio, produce a multitude of colours efficiently, and output at a higher brightness level.

Which projector resolution do I need?

You should match the resolution of your projector to the resolution of the device that is providing the image source. For example, if your computer is outputting 1024 X 768, you are going to want a projector capable of this output.

How many lumen’s does the projector need to be?

A Lumen is a measurement for the brightness of your projector. The brighter the environment your screen or surface is in, the higher the lumen level you will require. Standard controlled scenarios could use 2500 lumen’s or less, where as an outdoor event with sun exposure would require a much higher lumen count.

If you are projecting a very large image, or your projector is further away from the screen or surface you will require an even higher lumen count.

How large should my screen be?

Screen size will depend on the number of people at your event, the layout of the room and the brightness of the venue. Sometimes having two screens displaying the same image source is a better route to go than one larger screen. Keep in mind that you will need to have a position for the projector with a clear sight line to the screen.

We offer a multitude of projector and screen rental solutions in Calgary and would be happy to help you solve the technological requirements of your next event.