Partnering with Big Winter Classic

Partnering with Big Winter Classic

let’s emerge from our homes and into our community; let’s re-group after the holidays and kick off the new year with glee; let’s bundle up and support our thriving music scene. It’s already a classic.


This year we are partnering with Big Winter Classic by providing audio and lighting support for their festival.  We are embracing the cold and searching for what the Scandinavians call
“hygge” which is the feeling of being cozy.  It’s the feeling you have when it’s cold out but you are all bundled up and have nothing to fear.  Below are some details of the festival.


Jan 19th – Jan 22nd 2017


This years festival is taking place on the Last Best patio and inside Last Best, at Broken City and it’s patio and at Dickens.

Who’s Playing

The organizers have a great line up including Said the Whale, TUNS, The Pack A.D., Holy Fuck, Joey Cape, Northcote, Whitey Houston, KJ Jansen, Napolean Skywalker, Jesse and the Dandelions, The Wet Secrets, Port Juvee, The Ashley Hundred, Bad Animal, Reason the Citizen, All Hands on Jane, Wares, Blist, Peter and the Wolves, The Sweets, The Wisers, Double Fuzz, Lab Coast, The 427’s, Fake James, Night Committee, Seth Anderson, The Rondel Roberts Band, Counterfeit Jeans, N3K, Worst Days Down, Miesha and the Spanks, The Archaics, Crooked Spies, sitstill!, Lunar Wilde, Sentimental Gentlemen, The Frontiers, The Northern Coast, The Wells, Andrew’s Pale Horses, Project Blue Book, Bummer Club, RapX, The Torchettes, Dane, Jo-Jo O and the Woods, Carter and the Capitals, Deluge!, Fake Diamonds,Free the Cynics, Ghost Factory, Alexa Borden, The Detractions, The Super 92, Vibrance, Son of Ray, Pancake, Supervisions, The Blue Canoes

Why You Should Check It Out

Because you don’t get out enough.

For details and ticket information please visit