2018 Inventory Additions

In preparation for the year ahead CSS has added some new equipment to our inventory, but why should you care?

It’s because our sound is going to be that much clearer with our new Midas M32 digital mixing console and matching DL16 digital snake heads. This new equipment will allow for us to distribute the cleanest possible sound with the latest in digital audio technology for your next event.

Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console for rent

X32 digital mixing console for rentWe have also invested in a thirty two channel rack mounted version of the M32 (X32 Rack) which will minimize our footprint in your event space.  This will allow us to manipulate audio with a tablet or phone over a secure Wifi connection which we will provide.

Turbosound Siena 15" powered speakerLastly we have purchased four Turbosound Siena 15″ and eight Turbosound Siena 12″ speakers. These speakers are slightly lighter and are more powerful than our former QSC line boasting 2500w of power. This improvement is good news for you as in our initial experiences with these new boxes we have been discovering that they are more natural sounding than our previous speaker line.

These powered speakers also support Ultranet connectivity which is a proprietary connection that pairs digitally with the new consoles in our inventory.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve the best audio production for your next event!