Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes – JDRF Canada

We had the utmost honour in participating in one of our favourite events of the year – the annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Congratulations are certainly in order, as JDRF raised nearly half a million dollars towards diabetes research, prevention, and assistance – and that’s just for the Southern Alberta region!

Starting our work day at 6am in preparation of this event, we loaded up two 18″ subwoofers, two QSC KW153 3-way loudspeakers, four QSC hpr122i speakers and six Mackie SRM 450w speakers.

We certainly knew what to expect, as this was our third year providing sound production for this event.

Because of the large area covered with satellite speakers, we’d kept the XLR and extension cords out of the flow of traffic to prevent trippage and spills – guiding the cables around bushes, under the staging, and under cable ramps generously provided.

The tricky part was finding flat earth for the tripods to stand on.

Expecting rain, we’d tagged each satellite speaker with large bags wrapped around connections at the tripod base. If rain were to persist into a heavy downpour, we could cover the speakers with the bags.

Luckily for everyone, the rain held off until the very last minutes of the event.

We’d played friendly, energizing tracks between: announcements by JDRF regional manager, Myles Rusak; warm-ups by dance instructor Vish Malpuria; commendations by Ald. John Mar; draw and scavenger hunt winners; and performances by David Humphrey.

Myles Rusak, JDRF Regional Manager.

Vish doing warm-ups with the audience (representing Verizon).

Ald. John Mar, for Ward 8, speaking towards the previous successes of Telus Walk for the Cure.

David performing classic hits and a few originals with his ukulele.

It was a fantastic event, no doubt due to dedicated organizers and passionate volunteers. I’m sure the hungry fundraisers were appreciative of the cookout!

We certainly look forward to working alongside the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation next year.