Red FM Idol 2015

It was our pleasure to work with Red FM for their Idol series again this year.


We drove out to Airdrie’s Bert Church Theatre to supplement their in house lighting.

Our lighting production consisted of six moving head LED lights and 12 LED par 56 suspend across forty feet of Global Truss. We lifted the truss with L-16’s and augmented the lights with our Martin Magnum 2500 Hazer.


All of the front wash was conveniently already hung in house and they also had some LED wash illuminating the backdrop as well as down lighting to mix colour on the stage from the ceiling.

Our Avolites Pearl console along with their ETC Ion lighting control were utilized to manipulate the light fixtures, program scenes and facilitate the production.


In regards to the audio production, we supplemented the theatre’s sound system with a few extra stage wedges, as well as a single eighteen inch sub.

We brought our our twenty four channel digital mixing board which was convenient for the backing band as they had a scene pre-set which they could load into our console.


The backing band must have had to learn over sixty songs as each contestant of the competition would have needed to have had a back up track in case they were to move onto the final round.


What a pleasure it was to work with the Red Fm team. It is apparent that they are very familiar with producing a proper event as they were organised, efficient and very easy to work with.


Thank you to Red FM, the band and especially to the Bert church theatre for accommodating our technical needs from site visit to show date.