Red FM Idol 2013

We had the utmost pleasure in working with Calgary’s Red FM 106.7 radio station to present  audio, lighting and video gear and technician work for their Red FM Idol 2013 finals.

We partnered up with Corinthian Entertainment, employing them for their skilled craftsmanship on the light mixer. We’d suspended more than a dozen lights from a suspended steel truss – mostly of Par 56s. We’d also recently purchased two Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 moving heads, and were excited to daisy chain them in for this special event.

We must really applaud the work put forward by Corinthian Entertainment, as they’d provided us with extra video sequences for the projector displays and helped to merge light and video colour themes.

This article mentions the early on-site arrival for the organizers, performers and technicians – speaking to the structure of the evening.

Following an open call to performers in Calgary, 76 aspiring singers competed in on-air rounds on Red FM radio. After the contestants were eventually narrowed down from 16 to eight at the Red FM studio, the remaining competitors who took to the stage tonight. They’d had practice rehearsing with the band, Ek jhalak, ahead of the performance.

Above is the Calgary artist, the PropheC, taking the stage to perform a song between rounds.

Though the rest of the pictures in this article show a projector background of the Red FM Idol 2013 logo, each artist was set with a projector backdrop that suited their clothing and performance style.

Above is a photo from the perspective of our audio and lighting technicians.

Kris says he was most impressed with “seeing the performance with the live video and lighting…. I had the audience’s perspective, but could also watch the audience themselves. It was great getting the feel of audio/visual and lighting to contribute to the emotional experience.”

Down the centre stairs is a videographer for AAA Movies – who we’ve worked alongside recently. You can see the lighting accent’s spill coincide with the logo’s colours – our neutral for speakers and announcers.

Above are the eight contestants, awaiting trial by judges (on the right) Kamal Khan, GS Peter and Jarnail Aeilon.

As I was behind the V8 Video Mixer, it was difficult to run out and snap shots while being on the ready to snap video feeds. So, most of the pictures feature the Red FM Idol 2013 logo, as it was the default projection. Through rear-projection set backstage, we played video sequences when performers were singing, and the logo for announcers and speakers.

The three finalists stand side by side. Knowing they’re all place winners, they patiently await the call for first place…

And congratulations to Sanika Kalyankar, Calgary’s Red FM Idol 2013. She received the award and prize so modestly, yet posed with fans and event organizers so naturally.

Each performer had strong, powerful sets – including their vocal range, dancing and emotional draw. Wow.

As the acoustics in the theatre were so great, we didn’t have to concern ourselves as much with having to equalize frequencies to suit the environment.

Performers, bandmates and on-site techs shake hands and celebrate such a professional and well-composed event.

Kris says, “It was a pleasurable experience for me to work with the band, the band’s liaison and – of course – Michael from Red FM. He was very organized, and had realistic expectations. I could tell he had promoted and managed multiple events in his time.”

Every performance tonight was phenomenal, and we were proud to work with such an outstanding organization for the evening. For those who missed the opportunity to perform and compete for this year’s Red FM Idol, plans are already in the works for a 2014 event.