Q the Arts

Last August, we helped kick off Calgary Pride Week 2013, with emcee Master Sarah Moanies introducing The Cliks and DJ Dopamine. Awesome performances, and very groovy dancing.

The Cliks, featuring Lucas Silveira on the vocals. The keyboard provided from the backline company was not exactly the model that they required, so we had managed to have the equipment they wanted delivered between sound check and the performance – in order for the artist to feel the most comfortable when performing.

Silveira is also the first openly transman to win the Sexiest Canadian Man award.

We ended up running two separate universes of light trees – one run along the truss in this photo, and another run to two light trees – with both universes acting as stage wash and lighting for the audience. This also prevented extremely long cable runs.

The soup can, a message against generalizing labels, boogied hard the whole night.

DJ Dopamine. Although serene in this picture, the DJ was actually quite an enthusiastic performer – and great to work with.

Kevin Jesuino, a featured artist for the event, mixes some really active  video on our 10.5′ x 14′ projector screen.

Art displays around the Telus Convention Centre on the third floor of Hyatt Regency Calgary.

Kevin Jesuino
, visual and graphic design artist, mixing video during DJ Dopamine. He had also presented the following exhibit.

As always, kicking off Pride Week has been an awesome success – thanks to the artists, audience and organizers involved.