Priddis Hall Rental – Tsuu T'ina Event

Today I delivered and set up audio visual equipment at Priddis Hall for the Tsuu T’ina nation.

Since I was working with the reserve I was able to take a shortcut through their beautiful land. What a pleasant drive. Lot’s of open space and beautiful views of the mountains.

The priddis hall facility was the perfect size for this type of event and offered very reasonable acoustics.

I set up a 3200 lumen projector, an 8′ projector screen, 2 self powered 500 watt qsc speakers and a shure pg58 wireless mic.

Unfortunately I had to leave to set up at another event before all the action started. Looks like I missed out on some great bar-b-q.

I am thinking Calgary Sound Rentals is going to invest in some higher quality wireless microphones and lavalier microphones in the near future to better serve our customers.