PK sound, Sals on 17th and Long Walk Short Dock

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to and watching Vancouver musician Long Walk Short Dock.
An extremely talented house/techno producer who uses 8 bit sounds, synths and driving beats to support his haunting vocals.

Long walk was performing at Sals on 17th in Calgary. I was enjoying the tunes and could not help noticing the speaker system which had been installed by PK sound.

PK sound is a sound reinforcement company in Calgary Alberta. From my experiences of the shows they support the company seems to be focused on the DJ/house/techno vain of the music industry. I believe they also help to put on the Shambhala Music Festival in B.C. and are involved in burning man.

I could not help but admire their PA installation. Directly under the dj booth were two bass bins each appearing to have two 18″ speakers. On each side of the booth flew two custom made mid range speakers appearing to have one 15″ and a tweeter or possibly two 15″ speakers.

The sound was excellent and Long walk was barely pushing the system. His music worked well for the set up because he relies on a lot of low mid range for the bit crushing sounds which came through beautifully in the room.