Oka from Australia Live

On Saturday February 19th 2011 I had the pleasure of mixing Oka from Australia at Sait’s the Gateway.

What a performance.  They made the journey into the Canadian arctic and have been touring our winter wonderland for some time.
Their professionalism and experience really shone through in the ease of their set up.
Considering that they have; flutes, sax, guitar, a didgeridoo, synthesizers, a full kit and 3 vocals, it was a dream to mix them.
I could tell they were veterans at the game when they handed me two stereo mixes and I only had to mic the drum kit.
Their performance was phenomenal with hints of dub, reggae and roots.  The steady drive of electronic beats allowed their drummer to experiment successfully with syncopated rhythms.
Somehow, even with the electronic components, Oka managed to keep an organic feel throughout their entire set.
Check out Oka online at http://www.okamusic.com/HOME.html

Oka Music