Midway: One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo

Calgary sound rentals is pleased to be a part of Midway a section of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo

The rodeo runs Jan 7, 8, 9, 2010 7:00-10:00pm nightly in the Centre Court of the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts

“As a free event, Midway has become an essential part of the young and emerging performance art, theatre and music scene in Calgary. Focusing on the talents of young artists on the verge of greatness (and many times already great), the Midway brings together every element of Calgary’s artistic scene into a three-day chaotic celebration of what is possible and what is impossible in Calgary’s young art community.

The Midway transforms the Centre Court of the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts into a high-flying carnival where audiences can roam through the depths of imagination. Performance and audience and converge with art installations and interactive booths from students of all three educational institutions in Calgary; Mount Royal University, ACAD and the University of Calgary. There’s wandering wierdos, roving musicians, dancers, acrobats, visual artists, poets, spoken wordists, storytellers, fortune tellers, contortionists, clowns and circus performers. Daily scheduled events turn the spotlight on Midway Mainstage “The Hutch” curated by Jennifer Crighton featuring a collection of emerging Calgary performers, exploring new and interactive musical terrain.

Calgary sound rentals will provide mixing engineer services for performances on “The Hutch”.

Keep an eye out for Amy Darling’s Kissing Booth, The Filling Station Spoken Word Stage As well as “Beatrix P. Noseworthy, The Mistress Of Curiosity, Heir To The Crown Of Coney Island, Adventuress Of The World Unknown presents Peerless Prodigies Of Physical Phenomena. Come and witness in live shadow puppetry with your choice of intriguing tales showcasing the most incredible, inexplicable, triumphant display of biological prodigies this side of PT Barnum! Not so true stories including: The Original One-Man Band, The One and Only Stacy Laroo & Wire Women and Her Lightbulb Man.

Carisa Hendrix dazzles audiences across the country with her unique blend of dance, comedy and unique skills; Little Wick is Canada’s Own Side Show Darling. Having been trained by some of the masters of variety entertainment, Little Wick is a lot of great little tricks up her sleeve. Fire eating, walking on shards of broken glass, and hammering nails into her face with a classy, cute style that’s all her own. She’s classic burlesque, she’s modern carnival, and a little rock and roll vaudeville.

Nelize Joubert presents Fort Savior.Come chill with the King, chips, cartoons, absolution: no big deal.

Karen Sim has lived and worked in Calgary, Alberta for over twenty years, and has had the good fortune to play and perform with some of the most talented and eclectic performers around, from theater orchestras and Calgary Opera, to beat poets, improv world musicians, and punk alternative bands. Karen has embraced numerous genres and styles to add to her repertoire, always searching for new collaborations and projects to stretch her training and imagination. Her current style embraces jazz, gypsy, celtic and blues and is constantly evolving. She also incorprates expression, movement, costume, and dance into her solo act to bring colour, emotion and dimension to the music.

Open Field is a collaboratory installation between Craig Fahner, Jean-René Leblanc and Neal Moignard ‘s artistic research investigation into the interactive potential of electromagnetic fields. Theremins -musical instruments played by placing one’s body within the electric field surrounding an antenna – are used here to create an interactive soundscape.

Three theremins are placed in an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circular drum. The tones emitted by the theremins are determined by the presence of visitors in the space, changes in electromagnetic activity, and other environmental factors such as temperature. Without human interaction the tones of each instrument drift slowly, sympathetically. The three theremins,initially tuned to the same note, will configure themselves into various consonances and dissonances throughout the run of the exhibition.

Viewers are invited to interact with the sculpture, as their gestures will affect the soundscape and water visualization produced.”

quoting Kenna Burima – Midway and grandstand festival curator