Mark's Stampede Breakfast

Last Saturday, we helped out with a Stampede Breakfast hosted by Mark’s in the S.E., featuring¬†Coyote Creek. Mark’s is also prominent in Alberta flood relief, having donated $100,000 and hand-delivering boots and workwear to individuals putting their own sweat and elbow grease into local efforts.

Mark’s had set the scene with hay bail seats, a rustic entrance, the smell of cooking pancakes and sausages, and a mechanical bull…

which was surprisingly popular this early in the morning.

The six-piece band, Coyote Creek, was awesome to work with. They feature a fiddle, harmonica, two guitars, a bass and the drums – with nearly everybody on the vocals.

Patrick Case, playing rhythm/lead guitar and the banjo, is Coyote Creek’s lead singer and songwriter. He also hosts jams at the Twin City Hotel in Longview, Alta.

As electricity was not guaranteed, we’d brought a generator. This alone powered two subwoofers, two tower speakers, four monitors, and all of the band’s own amplifiers. We used only one outlet from a parking stall to power our mixer.

It was a pleasure to work with Mark’s, be a part of such a smooth event, and enjoy the delicious Stampede Breakfast.