Lee Taylor Band – Vulcan Alberta – Wedding Band

Well… we did it again.
I loaded up the element. It was a perfect tetris. A solid cube of pa equipment.
I headed out to Vulcan Alberta for what would prove to be one hell of a barn stomp.

When I arrived I found a workshop that had been converted into a ballroom. I have to say the wedding planner/event coordinator did an amazing job considering what she had to work with.
Wedding Planner work
I loaded up the stage (a flat bed semi truck.)
Rental sound system on a flat deck truck
The band hit the truck. The people hit the dance floor.
I brought out eight qsc hpr121i monitors, one qsc hpr181i sub and two racks of four par 56 lights.
The machine shop was a little tinny so I had to cut some of the high mid’s on the front of house graphic eq’s and made sure the bass was pumping. Not surprisingly the 18″ powered sub I rented out did the job perfectly. I love our QSC’s!
Lee Taylor Band
For the size of the room the rental equipment I brought out from Calgary was perfect. I think if there was anymore power in that room the reverberation off of the metal siding would have made the music a wash of high’s.
Lee Taylor Band - Live in Vulcan