Gulf Oil Spill – Hair-Cut-A-Thon

Join Calgary sound rentals to help Matter of trust and SFM Lifestyle salon to keep our environment clean.
Come down, get a haircut and save our environment.

When : August 18th 2010
Time : 10am – 2pm
Who : Open to the public
Where : Stephen Ave and 1t S.W.
Contact : 403 228 1600
Website :

SFM lifestyle Salon and Spa partner with Matter of Trust to host a hair-cut-a-thon to assist the gulf oil spill.

Hair is very absorbent and efficient at gathering oil. Salons are sweeping up their hair clippings and shipping the hair to Matter of trust who turn the cuttings into mats.
Hair clean up oil spills
They can also be made into brooms which can be tied together to surround and contain a spill.
Hair brooms used to clean up oil spills
Here is a video link if you would like to know more about how the process works.

Calgary sound rentals is pleased to donate sound equipment for the event.