Theatre Junction Grand / Pear

Last Saturday, we helped out with a basic setup at the Theatre Junction Grand for Canadian law firm Stikeman Elliot. We had set up for a DJ (who played stampede-themed jams,) and the appropriately named duo, Pear – made up of Lynae and Denis Dufresne.

Pear features just two performers, ¬†fitting comfortably on what would normally be a tight squeeze. That isn’t to say that the rich range of string instruments couldn’t fill the room, however. We placed four DI boxes on the stage – for their two violins, acoustic guitar and mandolin.

We’d brought two of our KW181 subwoofers and two monitors for the first floor and artists respectively. The DJ had also brought four of his own speakers, which we daisy-chained from the first floor to the second.

This speaker, belonging to the DJ, was placed on the second floor above a 6′ circular opening overlooking the stage – a convenient spot to subtly run cable from the first to the second floor.

The event also proved a few unexpected attractions – such as an oxygen bar (pictured above with one of the DJ’s speakers), a mimosa station, an espresso station and a variety of really, really great foods.

Overall, it was an absolute pleasure to work with the busy folks at the Grand, and tech alongside Janine – the Theatre Junction Grand’s on-site audio/visual tech.

With two light trees (made up of four Par 56s each), Janine and I were able to simultaneously nix all of the power to the lights, then power them on in synch – causing a nice, blending gradient between preset colours.