ESCFest presents: The Drive-In

On August 13, Binder Productions Inc. partnered with Calgary Show Services and Big Rock Brewery to deliver Escape Film Festival to the drive-in theatre.

And what better time to watch Tank Girl than on its 25th anniversary of release.

The sun set around 9pm, and vehicles packed into the Big Rock Brewery parking lot. We all got the show rolling by 9:45pm. 

Brad Ball has been the MC for Escape Film Festival since before it’s first show more than a year and a half ago.

Brad says, “It’s a little bit strange to have it out here, but it’s good to get a little bit creative and still bring classic sci-fi fantasy films to the fans that love them.”

“So, I think it’s a perfect opportunity for people to see these kinds of films.”

CUFF provided the projector screen, which was 24’ wide, at a 16×9 ratio.

The screen took 25 minutes to inflate, and we tied all four corners of the projector screen in two separate ways onto 500lb bags of weights.

We setup an FM transmitter (seen below) to transit to the almost-thirty vehicles present. If you were within a kilometre of Big Rock Brewery and tuned into 94.3FM, you would have heard shots, explosions and a whole lot more action. 

We provided the 6K laser projector, which allowed it to be bright enough to see from the vehicle furthest back in the line-up. 

Keep an eye out! Calgary Underground Film Festival will present another drive-in movie experience August 28th at Cross Roads Market.

The Edmonton Film Club will also deliver another drive-in movie series in Edmonton September 4-6, with the help of Binder Productions and Calgary Show Services.

You won’t want to miss these!