Dubwise presents Luciano

Luciano, a pillar in the Rasta Renaissance and Reggae movement, was presented  live at SBar by Dubwise on May 30th and we had the distinct pleasure of providing sound and lighting production for him.

Pictured below he asks for the crowds response.imageWe fixed six intimidator spot 350 moving LED fixtures to our truss with our par 56 LED lights as well as a powerful multi coloured laser.  Our front of house featured eight 18″ QSC subwoofers and six 3-way QSC towers topped with two additional movers.IMG_2499



The touring sound tech for Luciano was happy with the system which was used to produce some serious frequency content in the area of sixty to one hundred hertz.  We had four 21″ subwoofers which were in house at the venue already but they remained superfluous.  Even though the music called for a lot of low end they were never utilized.  Got to love QSC!image

imageReggae played constantly in the shop following the event, which revealed Luciano’s influence on us.

We would like to thank Chris from Dubwise for having us and the memory of this experience will stay with us for our lifetimes.