Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System by David B. Weems – Book Review

Designing, building, and testing speakers
Designing, building, and testing your own speakers is a great book if you are looking to build your own custom home speaker system but is not directed towards individuals who are looking to build speakers for larger applications.

Although it is a few years old the content is still relevant.
Inside you will find how to calculate the volume of your speaker enclosure based on the size of speaker your are going to use and other specifications required for your calculations.
The author guides you through four different types of speaker enclosures from the closed box to the cone and also provides information on crossovers.

Some of the speaker systems seem to be very complex and I think you would have to build a few enclosures before getting things to sound right.

It was interesting to read about how the Fibonacci ratio is used to achieve the best sounding speaker enclosure.
I have always found the ratio fascinating and have long looked for ways to use it in relation to music.

Although this resource provides calculations as well as building tips I think experience is a necessity for achieving great sounding speakers and that experimentation would be the best way to go.

You can buy the book here if you wish. (Calgary sound rentals does not profit from this link.)