David Bowie graces Cantos

Calgary’s music scene just keeps getting better and better.

The other night Jay Stanley donned some make up and fashionable clothing to perform David Bowie’s hits with a full band.

The show was a cancer benefit and pooled together a great line up of musicians volunteers and business sponsors.

The giving nature of Calgary never ceases to amaze me.

Calgary sound rentals brought out a load of microphones for the multiple back up vocalists and we utilized our brand new effects unit to replicate the effects on Bowie’s recordings.

Cantos system may have been able to handle the demands of the event but… As usual, I wanted it to sound perfect.

We ended up bringing out a number of monitors, a sub woofer, lighting rentals, disco balls and more.

It was amazing to see how known popular music can bring together a crowd of strangers.

Check out some of these shots taken at the event.