Converge 2 at The Auburn, Calgary

I really didn’t know what to expect before the event but when I arrived I was delighted to see the Auburn’s tree decorated with black light sensitive butterflies. The walls were covered in graffiti styled paintings, and there was a mural encoraging public artistry.

I brought out this rig
Mid Sized Rig
for Joanna and the acrobatics, Transit and a few DJ teams. The sound system suited the room perfectly. The bass was just warm enough and the highs just crisp enough. The musicians were all extremely talented and along with our system we really got the crowd moving.

At one point, too my surprise, a dance troop came bursting out from behind a curtain hitting a catwalk with custom designed clothing. When the models reached the end of the runway they broke out into urban dance. It was awesome. This troop had some great moves.

The band slayed the room and had everyone moving. They sounded heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder and featured an extremely talented female vocalist. Each member was truly “a player”.

All in all it was a great night and I am looking forward to the 3rd annual Converge next year.