Calgary Youth Science Fair at Olympic Oval

We had the pleasure of working with the 2013 Calgary Youth Science Fair for their event at the University of Calgary’s Olympic Oval.

We set up two 10 1/2′ x 15′ fast fold rear projector screens, allowing the presentation text to be crisp and legible from at least 200 feet away.  Both of the 6000 Lumen projectors were run from the same computer using a VGA splitter.

There were three different sound systems set up – the information booth, the judges table, and the presentation area.

We had to pay attention to each speaker’s throwing distance and degree in order to carry the audio across the science fair.  We set up one main front of house sound system with two satellite speakers – each concentrated to specific regions and possible listening areas.

It was a great experience working with the Calgary Youth Science Fair, and we wish the best of luck to all of the young Einsteins showcasing their projects at the event today.