Calgary ride for diabites – Eau Claire mall

At six in the morning I loaded up the truck with equipment to help support the ride for diabetes at Eau Claire mall in Calgary.

The idea is a stationary bicycle race to raise money for juvenille diabetes research.

When I arrived at Eau-Claire there was a mysterious screaching in the air. Hundreds of bats were occupying the areas surrounding trees.
When the sun rose they vanished into the air.

The tented area behind the barley mill held 50 stationary bikes.
Each participant had 8 minutes to ride as many km’s as they could.
Prizes were awarded to the groups who collectively travelled the furthest distances, as well as for individual record holders.

I brought out six powered speakers on stands, 2 wireless sure pg58 microphones and a laptop full of hits.

I found myself playing dj while the racers did their heats and kept the energy in the tent by playing upbeat music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The tent was full of happy cyclists many of whom were dressed up in ridiculous costumes .

It was a pleasure for Calgary sound rentals to provide uplifting music for the day.

Never before have I listened to that much disco.

It’s back baby!