Calgary Festival of Chariots – Iskon Calgary

Calgary sound rentals rented a wireless speaker set up for the Festival of Chariots this past Saturday which ran down Stephen avenue from 1st s.e. to Shaw millennium park.
Each year this Calgary festival allows a chance for people to celebrate the reincarnation of Hare Krishna.

Festival of Chariots banner - Iskcon Calgary
Our 500w speakers were mounted on an 8 foot tall structure which was fastened to a large dolly. It was a little precarious getting the speakers onto the top of the structure but once everything was in place and strapped down things sounded excellent. Wireless mics were used by dancing singers to lead the parade in celebratory song.
4 QSC hpr121i speakers powered by a generator

The festival was very interesting, the rhythmical songs were pleasing and everyone was in great spirits.
When the Chariot (brought in from Montreal for the event) arrived at Shaw millennium park the person representing the reincarnation of Hare Krishna and his family members handed out fruit to the crowd around them.

Calgary Festival of Chariots Celebratory parade

At the park everyone was welcome to a free vegetarian meal, which was delicious, and there were many forms of entertainment generally bringing awareness to the spiritual beliefs of the organizers. Children put on plays and I listened to an informative program on vegetarianism.

Hare Krishna - Calgary Festival

I had a great time and look forward to helping the community celebrate again next year.