Bengali New Year 1420

We were able to help out with the celebration for the 1420 Bengali New Year this May 11, working together with the Marlborough Community Association.

We set up four light trees, with each tree having its own four lights. With these sixteen lights, it seemed a great opportunity to exercise creative liberties.

We alternated DMX addresses when daisy-chaining the lights – for a total of seven unique addresses. Though the DMX mixing board we used had 16 channels, there were two specific lights we’d used in which the colour red was assigned to the first fader (as opposed to the fourth, which was usual with the other lights). So, we couldn’t just easily work in increments of 16 when assigning DMX addresses. To resolve this, we added four to the addresses on both of the side-fill lights to match the code of the other lights – allowing for more control to the individual mixing the event.

Also, as requested by the client who would be tech’ing the event, we assigned the O-Beast light to the sound-activated function.

(Long-exposure [2 second] shot of the O-Beast’s range of lighting.)

As there were a lot of attendees, we had to also ensure that equipment and gear was safely covered, and wouldn’t pose a tripping a hazard. After sharing gaff tape with the organizers, it ran out pretty quickly. One of the organizers was nice enough to find us a whole roll while we were still setting up for the event, allowing for us to continue taping down the cords and cables, as well as the legs for the lighting stand tripods.

All in all, it was an excellent event. We were kindly offered some spicy food during the event clean up, which was lovely.

Happy New Year!