The Drive In Returns

The show must go on and thus we have been offering a drive in experience with our new 24′ wide open air cinema inflatable projector screen.

We can help you host up to fifty cars who will experience your event on a 24′ wide screen.

Time lapse by @rhettonioni

Patrons can listen in on their FM dial as we project with our 6k laser projector and commercial grade FM transmitter. We also offer significant loud speaker reinforcement for walk in events.

Ask us how we can help you to integrate a live band or presentation with the ability for a live video feed to be streamed as well as projected.


Q. What time can the screen be visible?

A. At sundown

Q. How much space does the screen occupy?

A. Our 12′ screen will require 4′ in front of the screen for projector placement. The 24′ screen requires 25′ in front and behind for ballast and guy wires and 33′ for the projector placement.

Q. Will the screen damage our grass?

A. The screens weight will be distributed evenly and will only remain in place for a few hours so the grass will be only temporarily flattened.

Q. I have nowhere to anchor the screen what can we do?

A. We can provide four anchor points (24′ screen) at 500 lbs each to ensure the safety of the screen.

Q. What about weather?

A. The screens can withstand 30km per hour wind gusts. If the wind is stronger we will deflate the screen for the safety of your patrons.

Q. How many people can attend the event?

A. In a drive in scenario with our 24′ screen we recommend up to 50 cars.

Q. Do we need to license our films?

A. Yes, if it is a public event you will require a license which will start from around $250 from the film distributor. Contact us for more information.